When I began educating children, I was still in school myself. After many years as a classroom teacher, I didn’t expect to be in need of an education of my own again.  But when a new avenue in real estate suddenly opened up to me, I quickly discovered l still had a tremendous passion to learn!

It was my freshman year in college as an undeclared major, and I needed a job. Rainbow’s End Preschool was hiring and I was determined to fill their open position for a teacher’s aide. Fast forward a year and I was not only working directly with kids at Rainbow’s End, but I was now majoring in Elementary Education preparing for a teaching career.

Rainbow’s End was an on-campus daycare center at Southern Illinois University. It was a place for University faculty and staff to send their children while they worked. It was a great place to start.

Despite the job description as a teacher’s aide, I wore many hats during my time there. While most of my day was spent teaching the kids, if snacks needed to be made, I was suddenly the snack monitor. If the janitor was sick that day, then I helped clean up. I learned the value of teamwork! I discovered that I really enjoyed the time I spent with the kids, and I was excited to make my future teaching children. Three years later, I was still at Rainbow’s End, but my time at school was drawing to a close, and I had to move on. Teaching in the big city of Chicago was calling my name.

Unlike when I entered college, I had a clear direction. I was able to apply for jobs as a teacher and soon found work in Chicago Public Schools.  During my time in Chicago, I became engaged to the man I’d eventually marry. His job required a lot of travel, and we moved around to some amazing cities. Luckily, I was always able to find work as an educator, whether we were in Chicago, Washington D.C. or, as it eventually would transpire, Orange County, California.

While I did teach in Southern California, my main job became a stay-at-home mom. My husband traveled enough that having me stay home to look after them made the most logical and financial sense and I wouldn’t change a thing! But as they became increasingly independent, I wanted to get back to work. Teaching was the obvious option. I enjoyed it, I was good at it, and it was something I knew how to do.

Along the way, I had dabbled a bit in real estate and that was always in the back of my mind.   Owning and flipping houses in Chicago, Washington D.C., and Arlington, Virginia had already given me some experience. Real estate also offered unlimited opportunity, flexibility, and was a new challenge I was ready to take on. So I got my real estate license.

That said, the competition was stiff, and I was new to this!

Years of being an educator, and I suddenly found myself in a whole new world—eager for someone to teach me. I was excited to learn but just needed a place to start. That’s why I was so lucky to land with Candice Blair’s team as a transaction coordinator and senior property manager.

Even though initially it was overwhelming and I felt like the new kid in school.  I enjoyed the challenge but the learning curve was steep. When I finally took a step back, I realized...I understood the process from start to finish! It was a huge boost in my confidence.

I was again in my element. I have the opportunity to be an educator again, helping clients better understand the exciting world of real estate, guiding them through the process. I feel like part of a community, and I’d love the opportunity to bring you into a community of your own!

Becoming an advisor for my clients has been incredibly gratifying. I know the area and am confident in helping clients find the place they’re looking for. I’ve taught and had community involvement in the areas where I work—I certainly know the best schools—and am happy to introduce new people to new neighborhoods. I’ve embraced the technological advancements, which can deliver instant feedback and help clients make informed decisions. Those other Realtors that used to intimidate me are now people I work with. I don’t see them as competition; I believe there’s enough work in the industry to go around. I’m an effective negotiator, but don’t feel the need to be overly aggressive. I want everyone to walk away from a transaction happy. This doesn’t mean that the work is easy. It’s always challenging, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. I’m always excited to keep in touch with my clients long after they buy or sell. I hope to work with you, so you can receive high quality, personalized service.


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