My childhood home felt like an ongoing construction project, and I vowed I wouldn’t live like that as an adult. A cross country trip made my view of home change, and I realized I may not have escaped that fate after all. But it wasn’t too late.

As a kid I watched my father navigate through the choppy waters of home construction. It felt as though we lived in the middle of an ongoing development project, and I vowed never to be in that same situation when I was a grown-up and had a home of my own. And yet, real estate was always in my blood. Chris, my husband, and I bought two homes while we were in our 20’s. It was tempting to celebrate with a big wedding and a fancy ring, but instead, we sacrificed those things and started reinvesting. It wasn’t always easy, but luckily, our multi-family investments were able to provide a passive income.

Years later, Chris, our two sons, the two dogs, and I all piled into the RV, ready for the next leg of our journey. It may not be some people’s idea of a perfect vacation, but it was just what we needed.

My husband was working insanely long hours, and I had recently been out of commission, pregnant with or second son. The phrase “We need a vacation” was often uttered around the house, half as a joke, but half meaning it.

Then we began to seriously consider it. Where would we go? A cruise or European excursion? Not with the new baby. And we wanted to do something as a family—take this time off to be together. We didn’t need to go far. There was so much of our own country we hadn’t seen!

In the end, we decided to get an RV, devote a year to our travels, and go all over the U.S. and Canada.

One of my favorite things about the trip was getting to experience it through the eyes of my older son. Everything was new. He definitely got his taste for adventure at that young age.

He’d wake up in the morning and look out the window. A completely different landscape would greet him than the one he’d fallen asleep to the night before. “Where are we going today?” he’d ask.

We started on the west coast in Long Beach and basically saw everything west of the Rockies. Then we went up to Vancouver and Toronto. After that we went to see family in Florida and took the long drive down south. On the way home, we got to visit many of the southern states until finally getting back to California. At that point we were homesick. Incredible as the experience had been, there’s nothing quite like returning to your actual house, sleeping in your own bed, and waking up to your own neighborhood.

But when we were in our house, my view of home shifted. I looked back on when we’d first moved in, how we scraped every penny together to make it what it was. It was a fixer-upper from day one, constant work and construction. I realized I was truly my father’s daughter and was in the very same environment I had sworn not to have for myself.

This isn’t to say that renovating a house and making improvements is a bad thing. On the contrary, we discovered the true value of renovating. In the end, we sold that house and moved on to our next and bigger renovation project.

I realized that my experiences in real estate and a background in marketing had placed me in a unique position with an understanding not many acquire organically. A friend of ours who had been handling our real estate transactions said he was grateful for the money we’d made him, but I could certainly make as much on my own. I just needed to get licensed. It was a no-brainer.

Years later, here I am, successful, grateful, and gratified for my experiences and so happy with the place I call home. For me, a big part of that home is my real estate team, the Candice Blair Group. It’s proven to be the perfect place for me to grow and thrive. I hope for the opportunity to help you find your home too!

My first year in real estate was difficult. I knocked on a lot of doors and had many of them slammed in my face. But as soon as I sold my first property, so many things clicked in my mind. For one, I knew that part of my success could be attributed to the fact that I no longer put on a “Miss Real Estate” persona. I was myself. I also learned that I had many roles. I was a guide, an educator, and an advisor for my clients. I took those realizations with me as I became confident in the industry. I want the transactions I’m involved in to turn out well for my clients, of course, but I want the other party to have a positive outcome too. I’m not here to trick or swindle anyone. I’m a problem solver with a strong work ethic, and my ultimate goal is to bring more people happiness. I’d love to deliver that happiness to you.


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